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"Watchin' Lydia"
a feature film
Red Carpet Premiere
Carole A Hoefener Center
610 E 7th St
Charlotte, NC 28202
*Red carpet is from 6-7pm

Meet the Cast at the Premiere and walk our red carpet! Ticket prices are $15 in advance and $18 at the door
Ticket prices include film, food, and drink
Tickets on sale July 11th
Purchase tickets at the end of this page

Lydia Mahoney is a fresh-faced aspiring singer on the road to fame and international stardom. Her mother, Margo, a former singer herself, immensely believes in her daughter’s talent and is willing to do anything and everything to help her succeed. There’s only one thing standing in her way: Kevin Jenkins. Kevin is a college student Lydia meets during the summer when everything is beginning to line up in her favor. She has a paying gig at the hottest club in town and is offered a recording contract that is sure to send her into the pop stardom stratosphere. Falling in love was not a part of the plan but it happens. Soon, Lydia finds herself caught up in the sometimes complicated balancing act of trying to maintain a relationship while pursing her dreams. But it’s not working out too good for her. To make matters worse, Kevin also happens to be the son of Margo’s ex-boyfriend from her young adult years, Cliff Jenkins. Margo and the Jenkins work tirelessly to separate the two love-struck teens but it’s to no avail. Feeling desperate, Margo takes matters into her own hands, which ends up bringing turmoil, embarrassment, and devastation to both families. Not to be outdone or stopped, head over heels in love Kevin’s relentless love-conquers-all pursuit of Lydia results in devastating consequences that will change the lives of all those involved forever

Nikko Austen Smith
Someone To Watch Over Me
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